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Andrejs Rauhvargers

zip "Trends in Learning Structures in Higher Education" by Guy Haug and Jette Kirstein 1999 390KB
zip "The Council of Europe/UNESCO Recognition Convention - what it is and how to use it " by Sjur Bergan and Andrejs Rauhvargers 94KB
zip International Legal Framework for Recognition - Lisbon Recognition Convention - and supplementing legal texts (part), 2004 552KB
zip Recognition of Foreign Qualifications. Guide for recognition specialists. 2004 360KB
zip GATS overview 2002 150KB
zip Diploma Supplement 25KB
zip European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Key Features 34KB
zip The European Higher Education Area. Bologna Declaration (1999). Prague communique (2001). Berlin communique(2003). 185KB
zip The Bologna Process Seminar on Bachelor-level Degrees. Helsinki, Feb16-17, 2001. 43KB
zip "Survey on Master Degrees and Joint Degrees in Europe" by Christian Tauch and Andrejs Rauhvargers. 181KB
zip A framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area. 1 672KB
zip Using Learning Outcomes. United Kingdom Bologna Seminar 1-2 July 2004. 437KB
zip Manual of Quality Assurance: Procedures and Practices. November 1998 408KB
zip Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. Helsinki, 2005 146KB
zip BFUG Work Programme - 2005-2007 63KB

Tatjana Koke

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zip Rediscovering higher Education in Europe. 2004 43KB
doc Assessment and policy development in sustainability in higher Education with AISHE 107KB

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