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Armen Budaghyan   

Armen Budaghyan

Yerevan State University, Associate Vice-Rector
for University Development and Reforms,
PhD in technical sciences

Armen Budaghyan graduated from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Yerevan Polytechnic Institute. He did his postgraduate study at Moscow Automobile Road Institute.

In 1990 he earned his PhD degree in technical sciences.

1991-1993 - the Deputy Dean of the Transportation Systems Department at SEUA

1995 - Associate Professor at the same department

1993-2005 – Vice-Director of the Graduate School of SEUA

2005-2008 – Associate Vice-Rector of SEUA for Graduate Studies

2008 - Associate Vice-Rector at the Department of University Development and Reforms

2001 (February-May) - participated in the professional development program in the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education in the University of Michigan

2001 (May-June) – took a management internship in the Institute for Higher Education Management at the University of Pittsburgh

2001 – carried out a research work for the topic “Higher Education Administration & University Management in the Market Economy” in the Universities of Michigan and Pittsburgh

2004 – served as a country consultant/ researcher in the World Bank Funded development project named "Tertiary Education and Innovation Systems in Europe and Central Asia"

He also served as a director and principle expert in 8 grant projects addressed to higher education reforms in Armenia and sponsored by Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Armenia, the World Bank and the European Commission.

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