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Andy Gibbs
Andy Gibbs    - UK Bologna Expert,
- Director of International Relations
Napier University School of Nursing,
Midwifery and Social Care,
(Napier University, Edinburgh)

Andy Gibbs is a Vice President of a European Nursing Networks, and active in two other networks - European Nursing Module and the European Interprofessional Education Network. He has developed transnational nursing programmes in Hungary, Lithuania and Czech Republic. He is working with Nursing associations in Poland and Romania and has advised the European Federation of Nurses on Bologna issues. He has hosted three network meetings in Edinburgh since 2004. These active links have led him to visit twenty countries since 2005, participating in conferences and other events, promoting a European Dimension in Higher Education.

1978-1981 RMN Bethlem Royal & Maudsley Hospitals London
1989-1990 RNT Royal College of Nursing, London
1988-1992 BA (Hons) Nursing Education University of Manchester, Nursing Education 2:1
2009 MSc Nursing and Applied Education
Major Activities
2008/09 Appointed UK Bologna Expert
Since 2006 Director of International Relations Napier University School of Nursing Midwifery and Social Care (Napier University, Edinburgh)
1996-2006 Head of Department Napier University School of Community Health (Faculty of Health, Life and Social Sciences)
1995-1996 Head of Department Lothian College of Health Studies
1992-1995 Course Leader Foresterhill College, Aberdeen (Mental Health)
Other Bologna Related
2009 Member of organizing committee workshop leader Promoting the European Dimension in Teaching and Learning Dundee
2008 Presented workshop "Learning outcomes: a case study on comparing European nursing programmes" at Scotland Bologna Seminar: Learning outcomes based higher education: The Scottish experience, Edinburgh, Scotland
2006/7 Led bid and co-ordinated an EU funded Intensive Programme involving eleven European institutions, sixty European lecturers and students. INSET - Integrating Notions of Societal and Educational Transformation
2006 Led bid successfully, awarded tender and hosted Bologna Promoters Seminar on the Three Cycle System at Napier University Edinburgh EC/EUA/ENQA/ESIB/EURASHE

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