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Students' Feedbacks

Sebastian Barnick
Armenian Impressions

Well the time here has been an absolutely amazing. The people are fantastic and I have been shown the town and had a small insight into life here. The relaxed attitude of the people is very nice to have around me as where I come from it is very different. I am completely and utterly stunned by the hospitality with which I was greeted at the college and I think that this is a really great town. As I have learned in life, towns are not made great by where they are situated but by its people and through this I really believe that this town is great.

The work we did was hard but good and I really feel like I benefited from our labor and it was made easier by it being in such beautiful surroundings and good company. The churches are like nothing I have ever seen before and I loved getting to see and take part in the restoration of one of the first universities here. I have met some amazing people here and I really felt like I have made some friends even through the language barrier. Well I don’t really know how to sum up my stay as it is not over yet but I can say thank you to everyone here who has shown me this amazing town so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sebastian Barnick
(Great Britain)

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