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Summer Program on Armenian Culture for UWC Students

Students' Feedbacks

Feedback from
Mirjam Mueller

For us visiting Yeghegnadzor meant an opportunity to meet Armenian people that showed us what Armenian hospitality is like, to try traditional Armenian food, to learn traditional Armenian dances and in the end to learn some Armenian.
Armenian people were one of the main beauties we have seen in Yegheknadzor. Just as the mountains they were breath-taking experience for us.
Yegheknadzor will stay in our memory not only as a hospital town that welcomed us in a way no one had done before but also as a memory of friends we have made there.

Feedback from
Makariy Malinovsky

It was a great learning experience and we really enjoyed Goris, Tatev and the Armenian Stonehenge. We have never seen anything like that before and we really like the insight into the Armenian way of life when visiting Tatev.

Feedback from
Natalia Zaychenko

We have to say we did not know much about such a great person as Tumanyan. But the visit to the Museum of Tumanyan helped us to find it out. We were amazed by Tumanyan’s beautiful and full of life philosophy poems. It was very interesting to learn about his life, his inspirations and influences.
We believe that Tumanyan is a great poet who deserves to be known more widely. And we hope we can spread the knowledge of him in many different places so that more people could admire his poems.

Feedback from
Sebastian Barnick
(Great Britain)

It was very interesting and useful to see Armenian art, which honestly was not very well-known for us.
But we learnt that Armenian art is as valuable as European one and it has to be known all over the world.
Maybe we can contribute in spreading the knowledge of Armenian culture by telling in our countries what we have seen here, in Armenia.

Feedback from
Andreas Gabrielsen

During this short time we managed to make new friends. We had a great time socializing, learning Armenian games and teaching our college games, learning traditional Armenian dances that will stay in our memory forever, and then dance it around the fire with all the students.

Feedback from
Boglarka Ivanegova

Thank you for an opportunity to discover more about the Armenian culture visiting the Gladzor University. We were happy to take part in cleaning and restoration work in Gladzor that, we believe, is very important for saving the monument of Armenian architecture.

Feedback from
Yarden Ben-David

We were amazed; absolutely amazed of your Hospitality and that is what will stay in our memory forever. It was difficult for us to leave Yegheknadzor after those three days, because it was not just a volunteering program for us, nor just a cultural visit but it was a program that showed us how the Armenian people live and what Friendship and Hospitality means for them.

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