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Activities :: "Intellectual Tourism" Project

The "Intellectual Tourism" project
"The Intellectual Tourism" project is an innovation in the field of lifelong learning. Participants of the project will be engaged in tourism and training activities which will grant them the immense opportunity to receive both theoretical and practical skills in the fields of Armenian culture and ancient history. Moreover, the participants will be involved in the business and management development areas where the seasoned and adept experts will give appropriate trainings. . This two-week tourism and lifelong learning program will give an opportunity to youth, graduates and young specialists to discover Armenian cultural heritage and natural wonders in innovative ways.
"Intellectual Tourism" project's Mission is:
The project's aim is to promote informal education through tourism as well as the generation of synergistic effects by merging tourism and education.
"Intellectual Tourism" project's values are:
The Intellectual Tourism and Participants
Participants of the Intellectual Tourism program will be placed in comfortable holiday homes, where they will interactively learn about the cultural and historical monuments of Armenia and will travel to our country's picturesque corners receiving, in parallel, training and education.
The target groups of the "Intellectual Tourism" project:
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