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Mirjam Mueller
Armenian Impressions

The empty space between me and Armenia was big. Not knowing a country at all and neither the language or an inhabitant, I was not used to such an experience. And so I thought on the airport the day I arrived: two weeks of eyes watching me every where I go added to that space of not knowing what it all is about - how is that going to be?

I couldn't give the answer at that morning on my arrival. I explored and experienced the answer every day more while working and traveling in this country.

It was the first time here in Yeghegnadzor to spend a day in a group of Armenians of the same age. The language communication is poor no english or no russian but we found our way through smiles and hands. And at the end of the day I just cannot say how greatful I am for the warm welcome and all the open hearts.

I still can't read or speak the language and I do not know a lot about Armenia but I laughed and got inspired¬. With every hug and word this empty space shrinked and filled up.

Right now from my outside point of view Armenia is a very artistic, openminded and hospitable, small and wide place between Turkey and Iran. And somewhere in the south I can find a village called Yeghegnadzor where I made an experience and met people I will carry with me on my way wherever my feet will take me.

Thank you for everything So let the sunshine, dance and laugh

Mirjam (Mueller, from Germany)

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