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Summer Program on Armenian Culture for UWC Students
Students' Feedbacks

Natalia Zaichenko
Armenian Impressions

From the first glance Armenia amazes you with its Hospitality. And I would not be wrong to spell the word "Hospitality" with the big letter. We were welcomed by Armenian students of Eghegnadzor's college with warmth and love that is the traditional way of hosting guests.

Armenian culture was felt in everything we have seen and in everything we have participated in: in the form of the traditional Armenian food that was given to us in the Armenian amounts, in the traditional dances that we were taught, in the way we were treated and in the beauties of Armenian nature that we have seen in Eghegnadzor. Moreover, all Armenian people we have met were interested in showing us miracles of their culture and, I believe, were miracles of their culture themselves.

Family seems to play a very important role here. Just as the amounts of the food, the amounts of family members are that high that while meeting almost any person it follows that he is a friend of your uncle's wife. Friendship. If an Armenian has a friend in Slovakia, Russia or elsewhere and you happen to be from the same area you are also a friend. However, a friend in Armenia means a lot. Sharing is the key word here; they are ready to give you their last. Isn't it ridiculous that people from European countries being quite rich and having more things to share are rather self-concentrated and do not have the Sharing nor Hospitality culture? Maybe that is because this culture is not about practical gaining and giving back in response but about giving and getting pleasure from this gesture.

And right now, being in the Armenian culture I say good-bye but just as Armenians do come back for 10 more times after saying farewell I will come back.

Thank you very much for showing me a different reality.

Natasha from Russia

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