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Summer Program on Armenian Culture for UWC Students
Students' Feedback

Makariy Malinovsky
Armenian Impressions

From the very beginning the Armenian project was a complete surprise for me. Natasha and I didnít manage to arrive with the rest of the students, thatís why we had to find Yeghegnadzor ourselves. When we were flying to Yerevan, it seemed impossible. But after long conversations with hospitable taxi-drivers we reached the Yerevan bus-station, and then after several hours of stay at the station and acquaintances with wonderful Armenians, who were eager to help us, we arrived in Yeghegnadzor by bus.

There we were met as the best friends. Though I have heard much about the Armenian hospitality, I was all the same very much surprised by their warm attitude towards us. Probably there is no need to talk about the food, because everyone would like to write something about it. Though I canít keep myself from writing about it. For those two days I didnít feel hunger not for a minute. Every day we were offered the tastiest Armenian food.

The first day we got acquainted with the students of the college which hosted us. Natasha and I were luckier than the others, as we could speak Russian, thatís why we could communicate with the others without any problem. And I am really happy that got acquainted with such pleasant people. The only minus was that we were here for only three days; as soon as we got acquainted with all the students, we had to leave. I felt as if I had known them more than two days.

In the evening we had a walk in the town and then showed the game hwa, which is very popular in our college. Many of them liked the game judging by the smiles, which appeared on their faces.

In the morning of the second day we had a substantial breakfast, which sounds a bit strange for those who donít know how the Armenians eat. Afterwards we went to the church in the mountains. By the way I forgot to mention that the Armenian nature is just stunning. I am sure that everyone who just once sees this mountain scenery will fall in love with it. Admiring these perfect sceneries we helped to clear up the church. There for the first time I saw Khachqar, crosses about which I was told by my father before leaving for Armenia: they are unique in the world, because each of them is made differently, and you canít find two similar ones. Itís a pleasure that we can somehow help and have a contribution in the Armenian life.

Even if I try, it is difficult to describe how much I am glad that I came to Armenia. If there is such a project next year, I will come here without doubt.

Makariy Malinovsky (Belarus)

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